Our Range of Treatments

From prevention to restorative dentistry: We offer the entire range of modern dentistry to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for your entire life. Get an overview here of the types of treatments we offer.

Our Main Focuses

Prevention: Keeping teeth healthy

We detect and treat problems like tooth decay and periodontal disease at an early stage. That way you will always be happy with your teeth.

Treating periodontitis: Keeping all your teeth

Periodonitis is a serious gum disease that if left untreated, can not only lead to tooth loss, but also can cause bone loss in the jaw.  Learn more about this disease and steps you can take to prevent it at our office.

Additional treatments at our practice

  • Implants and prostheses
  • Teeth-cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Root canal treatment
  • Pediatric dentistry

New in our office!!


We now have a microlaser with state of the art technology to treat and prevent certain oral lesions such as Herpetic lesions, Apthous Ulcers, and periodontal pockets. This laser uses light enregy to treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. In many cases due to their gentle and precise nature lasers this is used with little or no anesthetic!

Do you have questions about our services?

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